The British Isles

During the month of June we are looking at the British Isles, this week we are having fun baking Welsh cakes and learning about the Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon).

We are also going to be learning about England, Scotland and Ireland over the coming weeks – If you have any items or pictures of places you have visited within the British Isles that your child can share with us please send them to nursery.

It is anticipated that our British Isles theme will then lead to learning about Countries around the world.

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Congratulations Harry and Megan!

We have had fun helping celebrate the royal wedding, we have looked at how weddings can be celebrated, we have made scones and had cucumber sandwiches.

We made our own royal crowns!

We had our own garden party!

Feathered Friends

Today Sarah and Norma brought in some taxidermy owls, this linked closely to the story Owl Babies which we have been listening to.

We also dissected some owl pellets and we could see that the owl had eaten a mouse.

The children sat nicely and listened to what Sarah and Norma had to say, they had the opportunity to touch the owls, we learned that their feet are called talons and tawny owls are nocturnal.

Fundraising week

Don’t forget we are supporting Harts to raise £3500 for Nystagmus network and St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice.

We have some great tombola prizes to be won – a Manicure at Eternal Beauty, Boiler service by Harts, Martini, wine, smellies and chocolates to name but a few.

Buns for sale 50p

Book sale – we have some great first reader packs for sale.  Books from 50p

We raised £143.50 thank you all so much!!!

Help us to help Harts raise £3500 for the Nystagmus Network and St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice

A team of 14 Plumbers from Harts of Thorngumbald are tackling the 3 Peaks on 14th April to raise money for St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice and the Nystagmus network.

Whilst both are extremely worthwhile charities the Nystagmus network is something close to our hearts.  Nystagmus is a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive uncontrolled movements.  These movements often result in reduced vision and depth perception which in turn can affect balance and coordination often making simple day to day tasks extremely difficult.

Help us to raise much needed funds, we will be holding a tombola, guess how many sweets in the jar and bun sale week commencing 09 April 2018.

Any donations would be gratefully received.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

Check out our socks!

We have raised £40 so far this week, lets see if we can add to it.

We have cakes and buns for sale, play guess how many socks are in the wash bag to win a chocolate Easter bunny.


Scarlet Fever

Please be aware that there have been some locally confirmed cases of Scarlet Fever, as per our sickness policy any child who is diagnosed with Scarlet Fever should be absent from nursery for at least 48 hours as they will generally be prescribed antibiotics. If they are unwell they should not return until they are better.

If you would like to know the symptoms please take a look at

This is a notifiable condition, your GP should inform Public Health England.